President’s Message 2006

Entrepreneurs' International is a non-profit trust and is an apex body of Entrepreneurs' clubs organised in Pune and some districts of Maharashtra. This forum has been created so that entrepreneurs can come together, exchange their ideas and resources to convert those ideas into reality.

Entrepreneur is a person who takes initiative, who organizes, operates, assumes the risk for business ventures and has a capacity to undertake such risks. Such capacity can be developed with sheer hard work, some practical training and self- motivation.

We believe in ideal like :

- Coming together is beginning

- Working together is progress

- Staying together is achievement

- Achieving together is a challenge

Entrepreneurs clubs provide a platform for entrepreneurs to achieve success together. Clubs arranges various programmes like

Many successful business clusters are working together by integrating their own strengths to meet large business opportunities. Trust has taken initiative to motivate entrepreneurs for establishing large scale successful businesses. We will achieve this by providing expert's advice in different areas like finance, marketing, quality management systems, corporate governance, corporate strategies, international marketing etc.

We are developing relations with the like minded entrepreneurs or the group of entrepreneurs abroad. These relations will be beneficial to the members of the clubs to expand their markets internationally. Our website will speed up this process this year. Successful corporate entrepreneurs always are the roll models for small entrepreneurs. Especially those who has started with small and now leads a corporate business. Our today's chief guest Mr. Ravi Pandit is one of them. For the individuals, it is always difficult to approach them due to their busy schedules. We, as a trust is taking initiative to organise dialogue of SMEs with such entrepreneurs. We found that this experience sharing helps small businessmen to overcome the initial resistance in their minds. No society can flourish without entrepreneurs. And we are committed to make this entrepreneurs community stronger, for the benefit of the society. I appeal all the entrepreneurs to join this movement for your own benefit as well as for the benefit of the society.

I thank all the trustees of Entrepreneurs' International for their full involvement in the trust activities in spite of their busy schedules. I also thank the Presidents and their teams of various clubs for their strong support for achieving trust objectives.

Jay Hind !!!

Datta Deshpande


Entrepreneurs' International