President’s Message 2008 

Dear Entrepreneurs,

It is a great privilege to communicate with you from this desk.

Entrepreneurs’ International has been striving to keep entrepreneurship spirit high by enabling entrepreneur himself. We need to build brand “Entrepreneur” and brand building of Entrepreneurs’ Club is a step towards it. Let us start this brand building process in all its earnest.

Each country has its history and culture. This manifests in our daily lives and behaviour-so will it be in our entrepreneurship. Our culture is a “Green” culture where we take care of our environment. The environment consists self, family, society, nation and all encompassing mother nature. Let us re-dedicate ourselves to all these components along with our entrepreneurship.  Let our slogan be “Go Green”. A step towards this will be to stop uprooting – uprooting people, families, society and nature. Then let us utilize entrepreneurship to re-root the up-rooted. I believe we can do it. The scale may be small but it can make the difference and show the path.

One route for this is shown by great management guru, C. K. Pralhad in his book ‘The fortune at the bottom of the pyramid’. We, the entrepreneurs, can be change agents in the perpetuating scenario of poverty and unemployment. The methodology is profitable win-win situation. For this we need technology, private enterprise, market based solutions and involvement of all concerned. Let us dedicate coming year to formalize what we can do in this direction.

We need a vision, a dream. The grander, the better. Let us accept the challenge. To succeed… we need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate, something to inspire.

With best wishes,

Wg Cdr Vijay D Chattur (Retd)