President’s Message 2009

Dear Entrepreneurs,

Thanks for this privilege to communicate with you from this desk.

As decided we have taken steps for brand building of Entreprenurs’ Clubs. The most important being our website in its new form. It has many interactive & beneficial features. Every member is requested to take advantage of this platform.

‘Go- Green’ was the message last year. This year I will extend it with

‘Green – Governance’. In other words it is “Stop erosion of ethical base”. This is essential from roads to boardrooms. The total orientation towards numbers & targets, neglecting impact on society & nation, is one of the reasons of economic disaster in the west. We need to learn from this and seek answers in prudence. We need to set our priorities right. First, one is ‘human being’, with all its responsibilities and duties, and then ‘entrepreneur’. Any change in this order causes all the erosion, pollution and collapse.

Entrepreneurs’ clubs is a great platform to enrich ourselves in every sense. I do appeal for your commitment to the club. We need this to take this movement to next logical level.

I take this opportunity to thank all trustees and office bearers for their co-operation.

Wishing you success in your endeavours,

Wg Cdr Vijay D Chattur (Retd)