Chairman’s Message 2010

Dear Entrepreneurs,

One year of my tenure as a chairman is complete. It is a great honour to be cahirman of an organisation which is dedicated to the cause of entrepreneurship. Looking back, the year was satisfactory, but many activities need to be carried out.

We started with announce ment of starting Entrepreneurs Clinic and virtual Entrepreneurs Clubs.

Entrepreneurs Clinic was inaugerated at the hands of welknown senior entrepreneur Shri. Prataprao Pawar. With his support, an article on the clinic appeared in daily Sakal. The instant reaction was overwhelming. With the gained experience, drive to make clinic more popular and running consistently is being planned. One thing is certain that such a clinic is needed to guide entrepreneurs.

Basic thinking about virtual entrepreneurs clubs has started and this year these will be launched.

Apart from these, we at the trust thought of , running  clubs little bit differently. A few guidelines for running a club are planned. These will be conveyed to club presidents.

Our website is also taking shape and soon will be upgraded. It is

Now it will be open for all to view. Hence everyone can take advantage of the experience and knowledge posted on the site.

All club members can upload information. All those who are not members but want to upload information, can register and avail this facility.Website is now open to advertisements. Initially we will accept club member’s advertisements and over a period these will be open to all.

All members should take advantage of the website.

Attending club meetings regularly gives us friends, pleasure, information, knowledge, awareness, ‘not alone’ feeling and makes up mindset. All entrepreneurs are always busy. Sometimes it is recession time hence have to work hard to overcome problems and rest of the time is boom time hence have to work hard to complete orders. But let me assure, that attending club meetings is equally beneficial. One takes home something or other from each meeting.

As it is said that ‘the change is the only constant phenomenon’, we have changed and will continue changing for a better future and better India, entrepreneur India.

Sincere thanks to all office bearers and members for their support and look forward to get similar support in coming year.

 Girish Ranade

10th July 2010.