Chairman’s Message 2011

Today on the occasion of the 18th ENTREPRENEURS DAY, I have been handed over the responsibility as the PRESIDENT of the trust ENTREPRENEURS INTERNATIONAL. 

Entrepreneurs International is a social trust formed and run by entrepreneurs so as to "ENABLE ENTREPRENEURS". An entrepreneur

faces challenges and sees a lot of ups and downs in his entrepreneural career. Similarly the trust along with its clubs has seen some ups and downs in the last 17 years. But as per the motto of the trust "CHAREVATI" it has kept on moving.

Recently India played the 2000th Test match at Lords bringing in limelight the glorious history of 125 years of the game. It was after almost 100 years in the 1970' s, that the more exciting and result oriented second version of the game that is one day cricket came into existence. And now the 21st century is witnessing the more glamorous and rich next version of the game that is 20-20. The strong foundation of Test cricket was responsible for the excitement and result oriented one day cricket and the glamorous and rich 20-20 cricket. 

My dear entrepreneur brothers and sisters,similarly with the strong and firm footing of the last 17 years, let us now take our trust and clubs to the more exciting and result oriented next version. Saying this I very well know that this is not a simple task. It will only happen out of sheer determination and collective efforts put together by all of us.We, as entrepreneurs, should take up this challenge and be prepared for the change. Change is inevitable. We need to change with the changing times. Let us all focus for a more excited and result oriented change in our trust, clubs ultimately benefiting the members.

As I previously mentioned ours is a social trust run by entrepreneurs. Most of us are first generation entrepreneurs, so engrossed with the different activities of entrepreneurship, that we hardly find any time for this so- called social activity. I can tell you from my own past experience that there are 'n' number of tangible and intangible benefits which we can derive out of this activities.

We need to strike the right balance between entrepreneurship and social club activities. Rather a time has come for the world to develop and witness a new theory which will balance between Adam Smiths CAPITALISM and Karl Marx SOCIALISM.

With all this, I can very well visualise the day very near, when we will ultimately witness the glamorous and rich version of the game like 20-20 for the members of our trust and clubs. As per the motto of our trust, " CHAREVATI" we are on the MOVE. Let us now change the PACE, make it a MOVEMENT which will prepare us for a MARATHON RUN.  


Santosh Lalwani


Entrepreneurs International.